Nevada has over 13,500 people living with Lupus and over 1.5 million people worldwide, have a form of Lupus.

Introduction; "To Help Those In Need, Fight Lupus & Just Cure It"

Being a Charitable Foundation, We Understand The Many Needs Within The Community. We're dedicated to implementing infrastructures for communities, to assist those in need & help them create some stability. By doing so, we will have their undivided attention to then ask them to Help Us Spread More Lupus Awareness and or Make A Contribution. If We're Not Willing To Assist Those in Need, For Whom Has Nothing. How Can We Expect The Community To Respect & Help Us Fight For A Lupus Cure. 





Help improve the quality of life for 1.5M+ lupus patients and provide 2M+ with humanitarian efforts through programs & advocacy.




It's difficult to diagnose, hard to live with and a challenge to treat. You can make a difference in the lives of people with lupus, by making a donation.

Lupus is a chronic (long-term) disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body. It’s an autoimmune disease, which means that your immune system — the body system that usually fights infections — attacks healthy tissue instead. 

What are the types of lupus?

When people talk about lupus, they’re usually talking about systemic lupus. But there are four kinds of lupus: 

  • Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), the most common form of lupus
  • Cutaneous lupus, a form of lupus that is limited to the skin
  • Drug-induced lupus, a lupus-like disease caused by certain prescription drugs
  • Neonatal lupus, a rare condition that affects infants of women who have lupus 

Who is at risk for developing lupus?

Anyone can develop lupus. But certain people are at higher risk for lupus, including: Women ages 15 to 44 Certain racial or ethnic groups — including people who are African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, or Pacific Islander People who have a family member with lupus or another autoimmune disease 9 out of 10 people with lupus are women.

Lupus Topics


Medications for lupus

Because lupus can cause a lot of different health problems, there are many different kinds of medicines that can treat it.


Lupus symptoms

Because lupus can affect so many different parts of the body, it can cause a lot of different symptoms.


Diagnosing lupus

Diagnosing lupus can be challenging. There’s no single test that can give doctors a “yes” or “no” answer.


Living With Lupus

It’s not hard to find ideas about healthy living—on the news, online, and from friends. But does it all make sense for you? 


Symptom Tracking

You may already know that keeping track of your symptoms is an important part of managing your lupus.


Sun Safety

A picnic with friends, a day at the beach, or a trip to the pool. They may seem impossible when you have lupus.



Exercise: It may be a mountain you’re not ready to climb, especially if you’re tired or dealing with pain.



It may seem like healthy eating can be really hard to do. However; we can help you make good nutrition a bit easier. 



Stress Relief

All people experience stress! Even though you can’t avoid stress completely, you can take simple steps to better handle it.



Because fatigue affects 80–90% of people living with lupus, you probably face it, too. More sleep—and better-quality sleep—can go a long way in helping this common symptom. With many chronic illnesses and sleep issues, it can be hard to tell the cause from the effect. By improving your sleep, you may be able to manage some of your lupus symptoms. Or, by better managing some of your symptoms (such as joint pain), you may be able to get better sleep.

Our Programs & Services

Lupus Resources

Advancing research. Improving lives. We're looking to redefined lupus research to expand our efforts in a more natural solution.

Lupus Support

Providing Answers, Support and Hope in Nevada. Join us online or over the phone for a FREE lupus support group through Zoom/Skype.

Humanitarian Efforts

To provide support and programs to homeless, veterans, lupus patients, seniors and disadvantaged families & children.


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines.

Donate Your Vehicle

Our Vehicle Donation Award Program allows us to raises funds to support our mission & develop a cure for millions of Lupus patients.

Organic Matters

Lupus Fighters of America is a member of the National Farm to School Network to implement small Farm to School sustainability programs.


The Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is devoted to solving the mystery of lupus. Help us fundraise for a Lupus cure.

Affordable Housing

Join the movement by assisting Lupus Fighters of America with fund-raising for our Community Re-development Project.

Research & Development

Advancing research. Improving lives. We're looking to redefined lupus research to expand our efforts in a more natural solution.

Lupus Transit Service

Urban Transit service offering comfortable rides "Free of Charge to Lupus patients, Disabled/Disabled Vets, Seniors and their caregivers.

Digital Content Distribution

A powerful platform providing a full suite of automated distribution to over 75 retail outlets, marketing, promotional, accounting and business intelligence tools. 

Walk For A Cause

The First Steps Begin with You! Walk/Run/Jog with us to help fund a Cure for Lupus. Join the fight and enroll in our fundraising program.

iTV Broadcast Network

Free online streaming network, where you can watch uninterrupted TV programming and listen to a variety of Music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lupus Health & Fitness

Studies show that for individuals with lupus, need regular exercise to improve one's ability to function independently. 


Allow us to guide you step by step through the process and help you understand how to fill out the application.

E-Waste Management


Personal Credit Re-establishing


Spread Lupus Awareness

13500 +

Nevadans Have Lupus

1500000 +

Living with Lupus


Cures For Lupus


Lupus Transit Service



Rebecca Smith

Displaying how to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on training & education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition.



Peter Douglas

Take action - show support & join us as we all unite to walk/run/jog & advocate and help spread more Lupus awareness..



Michelle Johnson

You may already know that keeping track of your symptoms is an important part of managing your lupus. But do you know why? Keeping track of my symptoms sometimes feels like work. 


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Monthly Donations


Making a monthly donation will help us continue to assist those in need, by providing the programs & services listed below.


Lupus Support Group
Lupus Resources
Lupus Health & Fitness
Lupus Advocacy

Making a monthly donation will help us continue to assist those in need, by providing the programs & services listed below.


Humanitarian Efforts
Lupus Research & Development
Lupus Transit Service
Affordable Housing
Show Support

Spread Lupus Awareness

Help us spread more lupus awareness by advocating, educating the public and fundraising for a cure!

Become A Lupus Advocate

Become a Lupus advocate and help in more ways than one, spread lupus awareness.