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We're an independent non profit stimulating support for lupus, our goal is to generate over $300 million for holistic lupus research, development and education. Every day we fight to ensure the nation is responsive to the needs of the 1.5 million Americans living with lupus, and your voice is one of the most powerful tools we have.

Raise your voice to fight lupus

Sign up as an advocate to join our fight against lupus! Join the fight with over 30,000 lupus advocates raising their voices nationwide.


LEAVING A Legacy of Success

The Lupus Fighters of America is looking to assist with driving effective policy change to improve the lives of people affected by lupus.


money  Goal: To raise $300,000,000+

in funding for lupus-specific programs.

Provide factual proof to members

of the Congressional Lupus Caucus.

Join the fight with over 30,000

lupus advocates raising their voices nationwide.



Help Spread Lupus Awareness

Make A Donation

To improve the quality of life for 1.5M+ lupus patients and provide 2M+ with humanitarian efforts through programs & advocacy.

Lupus Advocates in Action

Right now, you can take action to support people living lupus - it only takes a few minutes to make an impact..

Meet with Congress

Sit down with your members of Congress at home or in Washington, DC.

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Digital Advocacy

Tweet, Facebook post or email your elected officials about important lupus policy issues.

Tell Your Story!

When you tell your lupus story, you serve as a role model for others with the disease.

Young Leaders Board

The Lupus Research Alliance Young Leaders Board is a diverse group of young professionals united to raise lupus awareness, fundraise, and advocate for lupus research programs. Volunteers to the Young Leaders Board organize programs that include community outreach, advocacy programs, disease awareness, and social gatherings.