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Who Is Eligible To Join VDAP!

Vehicle auction companies, tow (Impound) companies, automotive brokers, individual vehicle owners, wholesalers and automotive dealerships are eligible to join!

Plus you can learn more about our program by downloading the details below..

All parties involved will benefit from our donation program, it’s a win win for everybody!.

Through VDAP, we will provide the following;

Digital Marketing

We will market and promote our new VDAP initiative partnership across all digital platforms on a weekly basis.

TV & Radio Promotions

Utilizing major TV and Radio Networks to reach the masses and give our partners maximum exposure.

Street Team

Our street team will hand distribute the marketing materials to communities across the globe.

Email Marketing

Direct email and Newsletter campaign is sent out on a weekly basis, to over 75,000 advocates and members. 

Lets get started!

Join The Fight

We've created a Global Humanitarian Alliance Partnership with For profit & Non Profit Entities. Our goal is providing Humanitarian efforts at the national, international and state levels to assist those in serious need as a charitable foundation.